Our Privacy Policy

EditorsHub aims to protect your personal data under its strict privacy policies. We request you to review our policy to know about our services and how we protect our user’s intellectual property.


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What information do we collect?

By registering to our website, we collect some basic information like full name, telephone number; email ID, financial details, and any additional information. The data that we collect solely with your permission is used to process your order and to maintain our users’ database. To register, place an order, or subscribe to our site, the above data is must to be provided.

How do we use this information?

At EditorsHub, we follow strict rules to protect the personal information of all our users. The sole purpose of using your data is to make your experience memorable. We use data to:

  • - Receive details about your editing and proofreading project.
  • - Send you updates about the orders you place.
  • - Send newsletters.
  • - Send periodic emails.
  • - Update you about our Discounts/Offers.

We protect your data!

We do not possess a right to sell or share your personal data that you provide us voluntarily, to our third parties. We keep your information confidential by providing you an id and password that is exclusively used by you without giving access to anyone else.

Our website uses Cookies!

Cookies are the tiny text files sent to your browser in order to make your experience better. With your permission, we use cookies to recognize your interests and offer you services related to your preferences. We allow you to reserve a right to switch off the cookies from your browser settings.